It seems as if everywhere I look I see an amazing clip chart. There are so many creative ideas out there. As an IB teacher I atempt to bring IB into everything we do. Since I loved the idea of the clip (moving up and down) I decided to make it IB as well.

It all starts with the Essential Agreements. In our classroom, this means that, rather than teachers imposing rules, evryone works collaboratively to establish an agreement of how the class will function. The students and I developed these Aessential Agreement during the first week of school.

In my classroom if the student moves up one to “I’m Very Cooperative (Blue)” the student places one sticker on his/her clip. Once the student earns five stickers they more their clip to the “Hall of Fame” and gets to choose a prize from the prize box. If the student moves up two to “I’m Extremely Respectful (Purple)” the student is able to get a lollipop from the lollipop plant. If the student moves up three to “I’m Exceptionally Principled (Pink)” the student is able to get a prize from the prize box. If the student is able to stay on “I’m Balanced (Green)” or above all week they will receive a prize from the prize box at the end of the week.

If the student moves down the consequences vary depending on the choice the student made. I’m attaching my parent letter/discipline as well and it is explained there.

Our Choices IB Clip Chart


( I used a Post-It Folder to hold the stickers on the wall. This helps me stay organized, so I don’t have to go searching for stickers to put on the sticks.)

Parent Letter/Discipline Plan for the IB Clip Chart (Our Choices)

PreK3 Discipline Plan Final