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These independent activities saved my life! I purchased all the printables from Teacher Pay Teachers (my all time favorite website!) I laminated them all so I can reuse them next year. The best purchase I made this year was my laminator. I also added magnets to the back so the pieces wouldn’t slide around. These were great activities during small group time for my independent table. They also functioned as additions to my table toys (manipulatives) table, as well as, other centers such as science and art.


What belongs on a farm and what doesn’t belong on a farm. I laminated all the pieces, then placed magnet sheets (on sale at Michael’s) on both sides. The back of the pieces have magnets circles to stay in place.

DSC01476 DSC01477

Barn Puzzle. Laminated with magnet circles om the back. 


Down on the Farm Clothes Pin Matching

DSC01480 DSC01481

Tractor Puzzle. Laminated with circle magnets on the back.


Farm products clothes pin matching.


Color Matching with Tractors.


Adult farm animal matching to baby farm animal.


Matching shapes with farm animals.


Number playdough mats with a farm theme.


Tracing mats with a farm theme. I laminated these so my students could use them over and over again. Light expo markers work best. Sometimes if the expo marker is too dark the students have a hard time erasing all the ink.


Sequencing with a farm theme.


DSC01493 DSC01494

Farm theme completing the pattern.


Farm animal vocabulary matching.


Create a farm scene. 


Shape tracing with a farm theme.

DSC01498 DSC01499

Farm theme memory game.


Identify the number. You guessed it in a farm theme 🙂


Tracing or play dough mats for farm vocabulary.


Again, these were all independent activities that the students completed on their own. They saved my life! These were all purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers.


This unit is all about the farm! We focused on the Central Idea: We are dependent upon farms ro provide us with a variety of resources we need in our daily lives. With the Lines of Inquiry: Farm anima;s and crops (Form), The science of growing food (Causation), and Various resources farms provide us (Connection)

Farm Fresh Knowledge Board

Here is our Knowledge Board which states what Transdisciplinary Theme we are inquiring under, the Central Idea and a “I Know and I Wonder”


The students created sheep to show that sheep provide us with wool. 


The students learned which came first the chick or the egg?

      DSC01309    DSC01306

The students created cows or bulls based on glyphs.


The students learned the importance of chickens and how they provide us with eggs and meat.

DSC01446    DSC01447


The students learned the science of growing food. They discover that some crops grow above ground and others grow below ground. (Root vs flowering crops)

DSC01307    DSC01308

The students inquired about the various responsibilities of farmers while completing the Framer Glyph.

DSC01449    DSC01451


The students discovered what crops could be found at a farmers market and that the crops were grown on farms.

DSC01454 (2)

This was the summative assessment. The students needed to decide what belongs on a farm and what doesn’t. They corrected colored the farm pieces and had to correctly glue them on the paper. For example the carrot should be under the ground and the strawberries above the ground.


Here is our puppet theater. We had farm animal puppets and farm scene felt pieces.


                                                                           DSC01462    DSC01461    DSC01460    DSC01459

 This was our bulletin board outside our classroom.


The students complete this big craft after we read the book “Pigs in the Mud”

DSC01152    DSC01466

We grew a vegetable garden outside to learn about the science of growing crops.

DSC01468    DSC01467

Here was my pre-assessment of wha the students knew and what they wondered.

                                                                                           DSC01504   DSC01503

I made this barn outside our classroom door. As we completed farm animal crafts we placed them on the barn. But I forget to take an after picture 😦 But this is how our barn started.