These independent activities saved my life! I purchased all the printables from Teacher Pay Teachers (my all time favorite website!) I laminated them all so I can reuse them next year. The best purchase I made this year was my laminator. I also added magnets to the back so the pieces wouldn’t slide around. These were great activities during small group time for my independent table. They also functioned as additions to my table toys (manipulatives) table, as well as, other centers such as science and art.


What belongs on a farm and what doesn’t belong on a farm. I laminated all the pieces, then placed magnet sheets (on sale at Michael’s) on both sides. The back of the pieces have magnets circles to stay in place.

DSC01476 DSC01477

Barn Puzzle. Laminated with magnet circles om the back. 


Down on the Farm Clothes Pin Matching

DSC01480 DSC01481

Tractor Puzzle. Laminated with circle magnets on the back.


Farm products clothes pin matching.


Color Matching with Tractors.


Adult farm animal matching to baby farm animal.


Matching shapes with farm animals.


Number playdough mats with a farm theme.


Tracing mats with a farm theme. I laminated these so my students could use them over and over again. Light expo markers work best. Sometimes if the expo marker is too dark the students have a hard time erasing all the ink.


Sequencing with a farm theme.


DSC01493 DSC01494

Farm theme completing the pattern.


Farm animal vocabulary matching.


Create a farm scene. 


Shape tracing with a farm theme.

DSC01498 DSC01499

Farm theme memory game.


Identify the number. You guessed it in a farm theme 🙂


Tracing or play dough mats for farm vocabulary.


Again, these were all independent activities that the students completed on their own. They saved my life! These were all purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers.